Friday, October 24, 2014

Party and Park Fun for Baby's First Birthday! (Monterey, CA)

I was so happy to be at Dexter's first birthday party! Not only because I know the family , and was the photographer at both his parents and his aunt/uncle's weddings, but also it's just great to see their family, who are always so kind and warm. And it's been a while since I saw the family, which was at Dexter's cousin, Sydney's 1st birthday party. It's such a nice and rewarding feeling to see my clients' families growing, and be able to capture these wonderful moments for them.

At the party, there were all kinds of yummy Korean snacks prepared by the family, and also the beautifully decorated Korean sweets and dessert. The highlight of the party was of course the traditional 'Toljabee' event, where a few items were prepared for the child to pick, and what the child picked will predict the child's future. It was exciting to find out what Dexter picked, and everyone was cheering for him!

After the party, we went to Monterey for a family photo session for Dexter, Jane and Kenneth. We stopped by the famous 'Dennis the Menace Park'. It's a really fun park, and brought back good old memories of the times we brought our boys there when they were still little. And the park's name definitely reminds me of that movie with the same name! 

We had a great time there, especially Dexter, who had so much fun with his parents, and chuckled a lot! 

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