Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lauren + Anthony: Engaged! (Mission Dolores, San Francisco)

It was a beautiful afternoon in San Francisco, and I was very lucky to have this lovely, great looking couple as my tour guide in the Mission area of San Francisco. We first had some warm-up shots for Lauren and Anthony at their cute and cozy apartment. We then wandered to the Mission area, where the J-Church streetcar lines are, and finally to Dolores Park. This neighborhood is indeed very beautiful and unique. Thanks Lauren and Anthony for showing me this pretty part of San Francisco and I'm so much looking forward to shoot your wedding very soon.

This passerby was so generous to lend his little puppy for our shot. And the puppy was so photogenic!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1 of Sharon + Chi: Married! (San Francisco City Hall)

I have known this lovely couple since the end of last year. Sharon and Chi had their e-session in April and we had so much fun shooting at some interesting and unique places in San Francisco. It was then I found out Chi is a talented photographer too. Since then, I've been looking forward to shoot their wedding day. And the day finally came.
Day 1:
Sharon and Chi decided to have their ceremony at SF City Hall prior to their reception day. It was a usual overcast day in San Francisco, even with some drizzles, but that did not affect a tiny bit the joy and excitement in everyone attending their wedding ceremony. It was a very busy day at the City Hall, with crowds of people everywhere. And there were two other couples there registering around the same time as Sharon and Chi. However, that did not stop us from finding some nice, quiet spots to get some great portrait shots. I was so happy to be there to capture their joyful day and witness their marriage.
And stay tuned for more on Day 2...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Barbara + Don: Married! (Purple Orchid Inn, Livermore)

Barbara and Don's wedding was full of beautiful emotional moments throughout the day. And what surprised me the most was the musical talent of the wedding couple, and the unique live music entertainment they provided the guests at the reception. It was quite a show! I have played in a band as a guitarist before and I have to say that their performance was really professional!
I was so delighted to have witnessed this beautiful wedding, having the opportunity to re-tell this lovely story of Barbara and Don's unforgettable day with the pictures below.
And of course, it was my great pleasure to shoot with Matthias Giezendanner again!