Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Donna + Peter: Engaged! (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco never disappoints me no matter how many times I go there. It started off quite windy and chilly on the day Donna and Peter had their e-Session, when I joined them at the Legion of Honor around sunset. And we went to the nearby Lincoln Park which was almost empty, and we enjoyed the park all to ourselves, just like it was being reserved for Donna and Peter.

After that, Donna and Peter brought me to their favorite Cafe in the area. It is a decent and cozy place which the couple has spent much wonderful time together. The Cafe is quite unique, with shelves of books of different varieties. I kept finding interesting spots to shoot inside the cafe. And one of the best part to end the session, of course, was having a nice cup of coffee in this romantic city.

Donna and Peter, I had so much fun shooting your e-Session and I am very much looking forward to your wedding day! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Veronica + Kevin: Engaged! (San Francisco, CA)

It was a beautiful and sunny day, after some unexpected cold weather and rain for the beginning of summer. The couple decided to spend some time to explore San Francisco Golden Gate Park and North Beach. 

We started off at one of my favorite architecture in SF, the De Young Museum. After some shots, the couple was eager to show me their newly adopted sport - hula hoop! And they are definitely experts to me! So we went to the Conservatory of Flowers until sunset. We were so focused and worked so hard at the park, and when it got dark, we were totally starved to have our dinner. 

After we had our filling dinner, we decided to walk through the streets at North Beach, enjoying the friendly neighborhood, and had lots of fun window shopping. Thanks so much, Veronica and Kevin! I am very much looking forward to seeing you again on your wedding day! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mona + John: Engaged! (San Francisco, CA)

That afternoon in San Francisco was beautiful and lovely. I first started off the e-Session with Mona and John at San Francisco City Hall and then spent some time at Crissy Field. Mona and John made a lot of fantastic e-moments, especially they were very at ease no matter where they were - whether in a busy hallway or at the crowded beach - and I had a great time clicking my shutter away. 

Thanks so much Mona and John for a fun afternoon. I am very much looking forward to meeting you guys again in the near future!