Friday, September 27, 2013

From Up on Maryknoll (Los Altos, CA)

Through this family photo session, I was introduced to this beautiful and serene place up on the Los Altos hills, which has a gorgeous view of the Santa Clara Valley. And it just reminded me of Joe Hisaishi's recent animation "From Up on Poppy Hills".

I really enjoyed this photo session with the Gee family. It was fun seeing the kids playing so freely with the dog, and everyone (including Chip, of course) looked so sharp and happy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sneak Peek of Erin + Jeffrey: Engaged! (Carmel, CA)

A lovely pre-wedding session for Erin and Jeff at the beautiful Carmel beach. So sweet! Stay tuned, more to come!  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Alexandra + Mike: Engaged! (Rancho San Antonio County Park, CA)

Alex and Mike came to visit my studio from L.A. during one of the long weekends in summer and I suggested to have an impromptu e-Session for them. The couple looked absolutely awesome and Alex demonstrated some really beautiful ballet poses. It was a sweet and short session and we had a lot of fun! Very much looking forward to your wedding in Florida.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Fun Morning with the Yue Family at Penfold Garden (Hong Kong)

This is my fourth year taking family pictures for Teresa's family during my HK visit. The girls have grown so much since I last saw them! This time, we went to Penfold Garden in Shatin. It's been years since I have been to this park and I'm glad Teresa and Virgil chose this place so I got the chance to revisit it. The park is in the center of a racecourse, and it has very nice landscape, with a beautiful gigantic tree perched in the middle (wish I know what it's called). The weather was pretty nice and the two sisters had lots of fun running around, playing soccer, making bubbles, scootering and checking out the big fishes in the lake. A little bit of excitement when a dog kicked the girls' soccer ball into the lake. We almost thought one of us might have to swim but luckily the responsible doggie jumped into the water and got the ball back to the girls!

Christine + Kenny: Engaged! (San Francisco, CA)

It was another beautiful day in San Francisco. Although on a late afternoon of a weekday, the Golden Gate Park was unusually packed, especially inside the Japanese Tea Garden. Probably people are trying to enjoy the last of the summer vacations/holidays. However, that was not a challenge for us and we got quite a few really cool and sweet moments of the couple, Christine and Kenny. We then headed over to the Dutch Windmill filled with beautiful, colorful poppies and many other flowers. At last, we also made our stop to the Sutro Baths ruins. It was much quieter there and allowed the couple to have some private moments by the end of the session. Thank you for bringing me to the beautiful city again and very much looking forward to seeing you on your wedding day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Collection 17 Fearless Awards

I'm so excited and honored to have won another Fearless award in the latest Fearless Awards contest. Congrats to all the other award winners!

You can also check out the Fearless Photographer's website here:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fun trip to Vashon Island, WA!

During my visit to Seattle this summer, I had a photo session with the Chou family. Kim and Kevin took me on a very special trip, to the beautiful Vashon Island. We had to take the ferry to get there. And the sceneries from the boat were already captivating. And Kim made good use of the time to get her girls ready. The island was such a beautiful place, so serene and picturesque, and covered with blankets of lavender. The kids had a lot of fun, especially at the beach. And I got plenty of lovely and great moments to capture. Even their dog Louie was like a star, so cute and photogenic! I totally enjoyed the trip!