Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Fun Morning with the Yue Family at Penfold Garden (Hong Kong)

This is my fourth year taking family pictures for Teresa's family during my HK visit. The girls have grown so much since I last saw them! This time, we went to Penfold Garden in Shatin. It's been years since I have been to this park and I'm glad Teresa and Virgil chose this place so I got the chance to revisit it. The park is in the center of a racecourse, and it has very nice landscape, with a beautiful gigantic tree perched in the middle (wish I know what it's called). The weather was pretty nice and the two sisters had lots of fun running around, playing soccer, making bubbles, scootering and checking out the big fishes in the lake. A little bit of excitement when a dog kicked the girls' soccer ball into the lake. We almost thought one of us might have to swim but luckily the responsible doggie jumped into the water and got the ball back to the girls!