Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family - Love - Expecting: Lina + Andy + Shalyn (Inspiration Lake, Hong Kong)

I met Lina, Andy and Shalyn earlier in the year in Hong Kong and had a wonderful newborn session at their house. Shalyn sure grows fast. Now she can walk and even run very well. It was my pleasure to meet them again at this beautiful place - Inspiration Lake - on Lantau Island. A perfect place to have a relax walk around the lake for the mom-to-be, and lots to be explored for the young kids.

Thanks so much Lina and Andy for taking me to this wonderful place and allow me to be your photographer again to capture the precious moments of your life. I am looking forward very much to meet your new additional family member very soon!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family - Love - Fun: Captain + Angie (Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong)

It was a perfect day to have some fun outdoors. I met up with Angie, Captain and their lovely son at Whampoa, the place where I was staying. Then they took me on the highway straight to HK Disneyland Resort. The ride was unexpectedly smooth and it was quite scenic too, not quite what I had expected.

I have actually been to the Disneyland Resort many times before for photo shoots. The is a lovely place with a beautiful landscape, and it never disappoints me to find special scenes for photos. We enjoyed the warmth and nice weather, especially little guy. He was so happy running around and playing with his parents until sunset.

My travel journal 2011 - Silhouette of Hong Kong, my hometown

I just came back from Hong Kong. This was my second trip to Hong Kong in 2011, and it was a very busy yet rewarding trip. During my visit, I got to meet my family, and most of all, my dearest grandmother, aunt and uncle, and ate a lot of authentic yummy food, like wonton noodle, dim sum, chiu chow snacks and hot pots. I also met many friends and families, old and new, and explored a few interesting places while shooting some family sessions and giving photography workshops. The place I have visited most was Lantau Island - including going through the Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok Airport), I also went to a few other locations like Discovery Bay and Disneyland Resort, and traveled via different transportation, while enjoying the various scenic views.  

I couldn't wait to share my photo sessions and very much looking forward to meet these families again soon! 

Here are some spontaneous shots I took during the trip while working and touring around town. 

A nice view from my aunt's apartment - at break of dawn. 

Some older buildings in the town I grew up in.

Double decker buses going side by side and back to back.

The nice houses near the Peak.

On my way down to Central District from the Peak. What was the crowd gathering for?

The crowd was surrounding the popular TV actress and singer based in HK - Linda Chung Ka-Yan.

Even the construction workers took a break to check it out.

The Connaught Place - an old iconic building in Central.

The brand new Apple Store at ifc, Central sure draws a big crowd of fans.

The forever expanding landfill that would eventually connect HK island and Kowloon.

This reminds me of the plastic fences we used for our kids when they were toddlers. 

2 eagles were hovering over the ifc 2 building - the tallest building in Hong Kong.

I enjoyed so much watching the sunset with a stunning city profile of Central at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.