Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christina + Derek: Happily Married! (Woodinville, WA)

I still remember the day when Derek and Christina managed to pull out some time from their busy schedule to come to San Francisco for their engagement session. We made quick plans while they were cruising the city and checking on the wedding gown and other wedding materials.

And finally it was their big day! Christina and Derek had their wedding in the beautiful Woodinville, a city in Seattle that has many wineries and breweries. The day started early with the traditional Chinese customs of receiving the bride and the tea ceremony. And of course Derek and his groomsmen could not escape the challenges planned by the bridesmaids! 

After the action packed morning, Derek and Christina strolled over to the neighboring vineyard of Willow Lodge to get some very nice shots. The weather was gorgeous and it was quite warm. Just perfect for some bridal portraits!

Lots of friends and relatives came to give blessings to this lovely couple and some flew in from many different places. Everyone had a great time celebrating the start of this wonderful journey of Christina and Derek together!

And I was especially happy and excited for one other reason - I was very lucky to have the fearless master, Huy Nguyen, to shoot this wedding with me and we had fun too!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jinjin + Akil: Meant For Each Other (Foster City, CA)

San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-01 "If two people are meant for each other, eventually they will be together." - I think this fits Jinjin and Akil perfectly. See their love story here.

For their engagement session, the couple decided to stay close to their home town, Foster City. I have known this to be a neat and beautiful city, but this time, I actually got to explore it in depth. Jinjin and Akil brought me to many different cool spots around town. We stopped by places by the road side, under the bridge, strolling along the lakeside, and had a really fun time! I'm really looking forward to Jinjin and Akil's upcoming wedding, which will have both the Indian and Chinese traditional ceremonies!

San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-02 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-03 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-05 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-06 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-08 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-09 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-10 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-11 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-12 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-13 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-14 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-15 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-16 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-17 San-Francisco-Wedding-Photographer-Foster-City-engagement-session-18