Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kathy + Kun: Engaged! (San Francisco, CA)

There were big celebrations for St. Paddy’s Day in the city on the day of Kathy and Kun’s e-Session. It was green everywhere and the air was filled with festivity! I never knew they have such big celebrations here. And of course, that also created quite some traffic and we had to delay our shoot for almost an hour.

We went to the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy field for the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge as backdrop. It was a great day for pictures in SF, and the weather was quite dramatic! When we started off, it was still quite warm, but soon as the sun started to sink, it became very chilly. As Kathy put it, “we have experienced all four seasons within the last couple hours!”

As soon as we started heading back to the car, half of the GGB was already immersed in thick fog!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ISPWP 2013 Winter Contest Awards

I'm ecstatic with the latest ISPWP results! Not only it's one of my best ISPWP results so far, with 1st place in "Wedding Details", but I'm also very happy for my photography friends I just made at the Foundation Workshop and their amazing winners. Many thanks to my wedding couple, Alexandra & Mike, for letting me capture their beautiful wedding in Florida!

Courtney + Mike: Engaged! (Palo Alto, CA)

Courtney was one of the bridesmaids at Andrew and Michele's wedding, and she told me that day that she will be next. I was so happy when she actually called me not long after for her own wedding!

Originally Courtney wanted to find a place with cherry blossom for her engagement session, but we ended up going to the Elizabeth F. Gamble Gardens and Stanford campus in Palo Alto, and Courtney and Mike had lots of fun there with their dog Missy! At the Stanford campus, we actually got to explore a lot more places around campus than Mike got to do while he was studying his master there!

It was a fun afternoon and I even got to be a stand in model for Courtney! I'm very much looking forward to the wedding of this sweet couple!