Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hello, Baby Eli!

From my experience, photo sessions with babies are always challenging, as babies are ever so unpredictable, but it is also the fun part!

It was a hot afternoon when I had the photo session with baby Eli. He was a bit cranky when I arrived, and Kristin and John worked so hard to cheer him up, using every trick they could think of. And we got a lot of super cute shots of Eli and the sweet and loving moments between father-and-son, mother-and-son, and parents-and-son.

It always melts my heart to be able to capture these precious pictures for the family, for them to treasure and look over and over again for years to come, as these moments come and go like a breeze.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chun-Chun + Jack: Engaged! (Stanford, CA)

I have been to the Stanford campus many times before as it is a very beautiful campus with very unique architecture. However, this is the first time I got a special tour led by 2 insiders to many places around the campus I have not been before.

Chun-Chun and Jack are both graduates at Stanford. The campus was where their love was nurtured and it brought back many sweet and precious memories to them. So Chun-Chun and Jack specifically requested to have the e-Session taken on campus to save these wonderful memories into beautiful images. While they eagerly led me through these different places like dorm and the music room, not only did I get to explore some beautiful new spots, but I also felt like going back in time with Chun-Chun and Jack to relive their special memories.

Thanks again to Chun-Chun and Jack for sharing with me their sweet moments on this beautiful campus!