Friday, March 20, 2015

Sandra + Dominique : A One-of-a-kind Engagement Session (San Jose, CA)

Dominique and Sandra were both a bit camera shy and so they decided to have their engagement session at their residence, the place where they will host their wedding. It was a great idea as it helped them to be more comfortable and relaxed. 

 When I arrived at their residence, I realized we had one more pretty model joining the photo shoot. As I started to explore their wonderful and amazing place and their huge backyard, I found myself in the setting of the story 'Charlotte's Web', with our little model and all the adoring (and curious) animals fitting right in. Due to the rain just the day before the photo shoot, the ground was still wet and the mud made everything looked so much more natural and real. And I really thank my Foundation Workshop training to have helped make this so much easier for me! 

I really enjoyed the fun and loving interaction among Dominique, Sandra and Sasha throughout the shoot. It was a really unique engagement shoot. I'm really looking forward to their wedding day!

San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_01 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_03 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_04 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_05 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_06 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_07 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_08 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_09 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_10 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_11 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_12 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_13 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_14 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_15 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_16 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_17 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_18 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_19 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_ourBackYard_20

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nancy + Zack: Sweet Romance at the Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, CA)

San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_01 Nancy studies in Vancouver. Zack works here in the Bay Area. It is a long distance relationship that has blossomed. Since their wedding will take place in the Bay Area, Nancy took advantage of the week-long holiday to come here to prepare for the wedding and get as much planned and done as possible, including their engagement shoot on the last day of their 'vacation', and Nancy had to fly back. So I could understand they were pretty tired and stressed out. But to my surprise, they were in absolutely great spirit and all I saw and captured were the sweet and tender moments between the lovely couple.
It was a beautiful afternoon spent with Nancy and Zack. I'm very much looking forward to their wedding day!

San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_02 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_03 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_04 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_05 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_06 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_07 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_08 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_09 San_Francisco_wedding_photographer_Engagement_session_Palace_of_Fine_Arts_10