Friday, March 5, 2010

WPJA 2009 Q4 award

Congratulations to Yesenia and Greg for their picture to be included in the Top 20 photos under Bouquet/Garter(Action) category in WPJA Q4 contest. I am really excited and honored. Thank you Yesenia and Greg, for letting me to be your photographer, to share your joy and capture the unforgettable moments.

And congratulations to all the winners and their outstanding work. That's a really great driving force to push myself to get my work better.

Below are the awarded images in previous 2009 WPJA contests.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deep Water Bay and Stanley Market (Hong Kong)

Teresa and family took us to Deep Water Bay and Stanley Market on the third day of Chinese New Year. Deep Water Bay was rather quiet (as I remembered it) with only a few elders swimming in the cold icy water. Cute little Jocelyn had fun playing with bubbles and sand. Our two boys had fun running on the beach and throwing rocks into the sea.

Stanley Market has changed so much since I last visited, many many years ago. We had a very tasty and authentic "fish ball" noodles meal at a local street side restaurant (Dai Pai Dong). They even had Coca Cola in classic bottle!

Here's a selection of pictures just for Teresa and her family =).