Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Cutie: First month! (Memorial Park, Cupertino)

Little Cutie is growing fast!

It was just like yesterday when I greeted little D with his first hello to the world at the hospital. After a month's time, baby D is now even more handsome and cute. Not only did he give me his best crying to capture, he was also quite playful at times and smiled at my camera too! Thanks to Claudia and Steve for continuing to let me capture all these beautiful and precious moments for them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maggie + Jason: Engaged! (UC Berkeley, CA)

I haven't been to UC Berkeley for a while. Thanks to Maggie and Jason who picked this unique campus for their e-session. We had so much fun walking on campus and found lots of cool places for pictures. At last, Maggie and Jason wanted to have some fun at a beach. We fought against the traffic in the city and were awarded with a beautiful beach with sunset at Crissy Field.

Thanks again for Maggie and Jason who worked hard with me and spent a great time at these stunning places on such a beautiful afternoon. I am  very much looking forward to seeing them again on their wedding day.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family - Love - Fun: Gary + Elizabeth + Jon Jon (Mountain View, CA)

Gary and I have known each other since middle school back in Hong Kong. We were best buddies, always hanging out together, swimming, playing chess, and later jamming music. I was lucky to be in the same state and relatively close by after we both came to the States separately. But with kids and busy schedules, we have not seen each other for years (even though we still stay in contact, thanks to Facebook! :)). I was so excited when he finally contacted me to have a photo session for his family. And this is the first time I met their boy, Jonathan, since he was born.

Jonathan is a very cute boy, and definitely has his own ideas all the time. So it is quite a challenge to capture him. While at the park, he had a small accident and bit his lip when he fell down at the play structure. But he was a very tough boy, and shed only a few tears, and in no time he was running and laughing again. I had a great time with the family and so happy for Gary and Elizabeth to have such a wonderful boy!