Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stella + Wailun: Got Baby!

It was such a pleasant surprise when I received a call from Stella a few weeks ago asking me to do a maternity session for them. I got to know Stella and Wailun when I did their wedding photography back in 2009. They are one of the sweetest and charming couple I've met! I was really happy for them when I heard the news.

We started off with a stroll in a nearby park. It was a nice late morning, not too hot, just the right weather for a photo shoot, especially for Stella. At the very beginning, Stella was a bit uneasy. But after some warm-up shots and chit-chats, and with Wailun's natural way to ease up Stella, the couple was back to themselves and I was able to capture their warmest and most charming smiles and poses. After that we went back to their neat and nicely decorated house for some more shots. Stella and Wailun came up with some great ideas for some very cute shots. It was a fun morning with the couple!

Now I can't wait to meet with the little fella in a couple months!

There is a slideshow at the end of the post. Remember to check it out!

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