Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Mystical photo session with the Pao Family (Mountain View, CA)

When we arrived at the Cuesta Park, the morning fog was still luring around. To most people, it might be a bit disappointing, but that's really one of rarer scenes photographers could ask for when they need it. I really like the frame with the family holding hands walking out of the fog - so poetic!

Bruce and Jackie have two really adorable cuties, especially big brother, a really cheerful kid. We roamed around the park and the cuties had so much fun, giggling all the way. The best part, of course, was playing in the leaves pile. It is always one of the best natural props and the kids love playing with it. I had lots of fun capturing the lovely genuine smiles and playful moments!

Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_02 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_03 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_04 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_05 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_06 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_07 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_08 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_09 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_10 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_11 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_12 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_13 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_14 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_15 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_16 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_17 Foggy_morning_at_Cuesta_Park_Lovely_Family_Session_18