Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sydney's 1st Birthday! (San Francisco, CA)

Although it's already been a few years, it felt like only yesterday when I came to know Karen and Gautum and became their wedding photographer. And now their lovely little Sydney is already one! It was such a great rewarding feeling to be witnessing the joyful moments of this couple and their families and being able to capture these wonderful, happy faces and moments for them to cherish.

The party was nicely put together by Karen and her family. The yummy food and desserts, the beautiful crafts and decorations were all professionally made. Sydney also had the traditional customs of the 100 days ceremony. There were many kids at the party, and they were all so adorable. But it was quite a challenge to get them all in one picture! :)

I also had the pleasure to see Jane and Ken, the newlywed last year, and Rita, William and their beautiful daughter, of whom I took their wedding pictures a few years ago too! Sydney's birthday party turns out to be the reunion of my wedding couples as well!