Saturday, November 12, 2016

A fun afternoon with the Baker boys (Cupertino, CA)

It was a gorgeous day for the Baker boys to spend a fun afternoon at the Rancho. The open space and the nature sceneries of this beautiful county park always help lift my spirit! And I found it worked the same for the Baker’s boys! Especially the brothers had so much fun with each other in the absence of electronic devices and screens, coming up with creative ideas to play.

One of the main reasons Gary wanted to have this photo session with his boys was because he sensed that the younger one would outgrow his brother in height any time. So he wanted to freeze that moment in time when his older one was still taller! I think that was a brilliant idea! And just how precious these memories will serve for the boys!

San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_02 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_03 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_04 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_05 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_06 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_07 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_08 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_09 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_10 San_Francisco_San_Jose_family_photographer_the_Bakers_Boys_fun_outing_11