Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Fun: A Lovely Afternoon with the Le's Family (Seattle, WA)

Seattle's weather continues to amaze me. It was a "usual" rainy morning and then a lovely afternoon right after. This was my first time meeting with the Le's family and I was very impressed by the close bonding in their family. We started with their cute little baby girl, who is only 3 months old. She was already quite well-behaved for a 3-month-old, while her adorable elder sister offered a lot of help in calming her down and entertaining her the whole time. She even volunteered to be my personal tourist guide, and later took me to one of her favorite parks nearby. We had lots of fun at the park! At the end, we decided to play some music at home to end our photo session. Thank you Le's family for inviting me to their beautiful house and neighborhood for a wonderful afternoon.