Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 2 of Sharon + Chi: Married! (Yank Sing, San Francisco)

The second day of Sharon and Chi's wedding was another action-packed day. Chi and his best men team, with no exception, had to go through the tests and challenges set forth by Sharon's bridesmaid team. I had been in many of these traditional Chinese weddings, and this part where the groom needs to face the challenges set by the bridesmaids to get the bride never fails to entertain me with their creativity. The tea ceremony following was another emotional time. The tears and the joy filled the room entirely.

It was great to work with my partner, Dilip Lama, who was especially of great help while I had to step aside to process the morning images for the slideshow, which was played at the reception. I was so happy that the slideshow was well received.

Here is the slideshow.
(It might take a bit longer to load. So please be patient during loading and enjoy it!)