Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy to see the Lau Family again! (Ma Wan Park, Hong Kong)

I was so happy to see Lina, Andy and their two lovely angels this year. Shalyn and Khalyn have grown so much since I last saw them last year, and they are ever so adorable! I have started taking their family pictures since Shalyn was a baby, and a maternity session for Lina with Khalyn in mommy's tummy. It’s a great feeling to witness these little cuties growing up. 

This time Lina and Andy brought me to this cool Ma Wan Park. The only vague memory I had with Ma Wan was a very remote fisherman's village famous for it's shrimp paste! So I was quite surprised to see the drastic changes. Private cars are not allowed to reach the park directly, so we took the shuttle and then a short walk. The place was very beautiful and well maintained. And I had the pleasure to document the precious moments of this beautiful family again!