Monday, October 1, 2012

Holiday Cards 2012

With the beautiful pictures our studio captured for you and your family, send your friends and relatives your personalized greeting cards with your favorite pictures! Choose a design from one of the two themes we offer: (a) A B&W Holiday or (b) A Holiday Message. Our holiday cards use professional quality art paper with a slight texture and special UV coating so the cards last a lifetime!

All orders come with envelopes. Please see the price list towards the bottom of the page.

A B&W Holiday (5 styles)

Style B-1 Style B-2 Style B-3
Style B-4 Style B-5
    Choose from the 5 B&W styles:
  • B-1 (3 pictures)
  • B-2 (1 picture)
  • B-3 (4 pictures)
  • B-4 (2 pictures)
  • B-5 (7 pictures)

A Holiday Message (6 styles)

    Choose from the 6 Holiday Message styles:
  • H-JOY
  • H-LOVE
  • H-NOEL

   Specify 2 pictures for each style.    
Here is the price per quantity:
Quantity      Charge
25 $87.50
50 $150.00

The steps are simple! After you have selected the style you like:
1.  Choose the number of copies you will need;
2.  Provide the names of the family members;
3.  Indicate the pictures either from the online gallery or from the DVD you received;

Email your request with the information indicated above to us. We will send a confirmation and your cards will be ready in about 1 week from the time you order, directly at your house.