Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Michelle + Eric: An Elopement from Cityscape to Rolling hills (San Francisco/Nicasio, CA)


Michelle and Eric love to travel and so they decided to elope in San Francisco. They flew over from Toronto, the city they live in, with their parents and a few close friends, to have their Civil ceremony at SF City Hall. In addition to celebrate in San Francisco, Michelle also wanted to go back to visit a beautiful ranch with horses in Nicasio where she has visited when she was very young. It was not easy to design and plan a wedding remotely, and Michelle did it with amazing details, from the route to the City Hall, the driving machine for Eric, to the celebration in Sausalito and Nicasio. When Michelle told me her plans, it sounded like a romantic movie, and my mission was to capture their day just like one.

On their day of, we started early in the beautiful classic Omni Hotel for the getting ready pictures. Although Michelle has planned to take the cable car to the City Hall, for whatever reason, the cable car driver did not stop for us, and all of us just stood there, watching the cable car passed us by. It was quite disappointing, and we had to use our backup plan and took the cab instead.

The City Hall was especially crowded that day. Of all the times I have been there for Civil weddings, I have never seen that many people, especially wedding couples and their photography/videography crews! Michelle and Eric's ceremony was a short but sweet, and we were able to get a few nice signature shots inside, away from the crowds. After the ceremony, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and to get some images with the bridge. It has been a while since I've been on this side of the GGB for photos, and it was quite refreshing!

Before we headed out to Nicasio, Michelle and Eric took the group to Scoma's, a nice restaurant in Sausalito on the pier, and we got a lot of nice picture moments too!

The drive up to the Danehill Manor was quite long, but the jaw-dropping scenery was well worth it! It's just like entering a different world, and felt like a dream! It was also my first time being so close to that many horses, which were freely wandering around! The owner, Karin, was very friendly and she kept reminding us how to make eye and body contact with the horses to get close to them and have them follow you. It was a unique experience and a wonderful afternoon at this gorgeous place! 

Congratulations to Michelle and Eric again and thanks for letting me capture this memorable day of theirs!

San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_02 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_03 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_04 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_05 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_06 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_07 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_08 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_09 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_10 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_11 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_12 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_13 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_14 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_15 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_16 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_17 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_18 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_19 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_20 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_21 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_22 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_23 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_24 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_25 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_26 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_27 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_28 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_29 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_30 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_31 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Civil_Wedding_Sausalito_Nicasio_Danehill_Manor_Wedding_32